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asma zainab said on 05-11-2014 at 42:00:18
nice :)
khurramw1 said on 12-02-2009 at 28:19:50
Who is that man in black with beard??? looks different than everyone around him !!! plus resembles a lot to the pictures Iman Hussein and Mola Abbas you seen in Iraq and Syria amazing
galexy2far2c said on 21-12-2009 at 30:00:01
Are you mad? did you ever see anyone worshiping the images? it is as though your trying to say that any still image is haram if so why are you on youtube? doesn't this site show images that are not live? if you say that loving the savior of Islam is idol worshiping then you have worshiped thousands in your life from the food you eat to your possessions and to your very parents No loving Hussain is not idol worship but being his enemy means you do not worship the God he fought for infidel
TheRocking89 said on 19-08-2011 at 28:18:18
Just worship one God and follow the teaching of prophet Muhammad (SAW) and respect all prophets and sahaba read Qurran and Hadith
AjeebManosAjnabiTha said on 01-02-2010 at 13:23:20
sharam aani chahye is tarha bidat phelatay hoye jabhi to yahoodi Nabi E Kareem (S A W W) k khakay banatay hain tum logon nay Imam Hussain (R A T A) k khakay banaye Imam Asghar (R A T A) k khakay banaye sochtay nahi ye baten? ji bhar k jahalat dikhaye jatay ho kuch kaho to dimag band kar letay ho khuli jahalat hay apnay maslak pay chalo magar shabeeh to banani chhor do
Zehra360 said on 04-08-2010 at 16:12:23
@obaa101 You seem very misinformed on this issue : ) Shias have only one ALLAH Moula Ali (A S ) is his Wali and Imam not god and Imam Hussain (A S ) is Moula Ali (A S )'s son and our Holy Prophet SAW's grandson who on earth gave you such misinformation? Go learn and research on the topic properly before writing such white lies
Muhammad Hamid said on 20-02-2010 at 58:20:01
Can any bro tell me the title of the NOHA streaming after 0 21 duration at this video? Kia koi bhai mujhe is NOHA ka naam bata sakta hai jo is video mein 0 21 time k baad play hota hai?
Hussainlovers1 said on 26-02-2011 at 50:11:54
just donate Lanat for him lanati needs lanat yazeed the big lanti
syed ali Shahroz said on 27-02-2011 at 10:09:58
@maryamfariha mai ap se tameez se baat kar raha hoo to ap bhi tameez se kare
frazhayder said on 09-10-2010 at 41:18:04
@SirHumanoid Lanat thug p maviya or abu sufiyan ki nasl SHIA Kiya hain yeh QURAN PAK say poch hr Ayat main SHIA milay ga for example MOSA A S KA Shia Haron A S ka SHIA ESA a s ka Shia OR hum Hain MUHAMMAD (S A A W A W) k SHIA Alhumd u LILAllah tu mughay suni dikha ? kbhi Pak rasol k door main suni tha dikha quran or hadees main Mviya harami k dor main kuch log aye or kaha k hum suni hain or mviya harami ko boht pasand aya yeh lfz or sub munafiqen suni kahlany lagay
gardezi20 said on 10-01-2011 at 15:16:58
@maryamfariha Allah tujhe tere yazeed ke saath qayamat main jaga de kush????
Rudegyal Versace said on 11-12-2010 at 20:14:42
hussein o yaa husseinnn ya allah yourr greatt
Khalifa Al-Khattab said on 02-04-2009 at 18:00:10
The signs of Qayammah were foretold by the beloved Prophet(pbuh) Hz Isa did not die in this world so will have to come back complete his mission He will get married and have children then die a normal death I fail to understand what point your trying to make
nussarallah said on 03-01-2009 at 15:13:48
mashallah hussain hussain i wish u can see this
syed ali Shahroz said on 29-06-2012 at 40:22:56
or appp per bhi
lansanak said on 17-01-2011 at 02:22:11
abdullah bin saba' the founder of shia was a jew (yahud)
yasirutube said on 03-06-2011 at 28:21:21
@mubashirhanan Brother what authority do you have to send lanat and ghazab of Allah on these muslims? are you GOD prophet or something like that? why are you trying to be one perfect? who are you to say like that? did any prophet even said like that to nation?? do you any reference for above issued FATWA by you??? any reference from Quran? stop hatred now Stop it
viqar agha said on 11-04-2009 at 45:21:27
martayrs are never dead they are alive and God is providing their meal it is mentioned in koran and nobody can deny it if he is believer
ehsan16 said on 13-08-2009 at 14:17:20
assalamu alaikum ya Husain!!
ninjacleaner said on 10-09-2010 at 30:04:15
trust me i am more like picture of imam hussein with my beard come on dude muslim is not make a picture anyway
shen18100 said on 26-01-2011 at 55:19:51
asalaam walaika ya ababadillah
aalkhafaji2 said on 28-11-2010 at 34:10:21
@mqasim7866 fuck you bitch shia are the best people in the world mother fucker go fuck your self the only KAFFar out there is you and fucking people bitch you talk so much shit beacuse your so jealous mind your own business bitch
g1heart said on 11-08-2012 at 51:19:25
When prophets grand sons were killed by rafdis no miracle took place at this cursed land how can it take place when same rafdis are running the country
hamdanihs said on 18-01-2010 at 39:07:27
The problem with sunnism is that its a dry creed of do and donts mostly framed by their so called jurists at the whims of ruling power that be Sunnism is a creed of status quolook at the so called Imam e Kaba has he ever uttered a single phrase against the Americans Making a pic of an imam or saint thats sin yet stoning a stone that personifies satan during hajj isnt?
manisa rafik said on 16-02-2012 at 48:01:07
whats the deal? why crying so much on things thats clearly in qada and qadar Allah move on pray five times a day and more praying dont waste time on crying weilling as if God is wrong for taking lives No point of regretting on what happen All of ahli bait is in heaven now! God loves them and God knows they will not survived on earth! people will use and abused them Thats why God dont give Muhammed s a w a son Just look how people behave with his family!

Video: Miracle/Mojza in karbala on chelum

  • Author: gardezi20
  • Description: This happened in karballa on chelum.
  • Duration: 00:49
  • Date: 31-03-2008
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