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arluel872000 said on 08-11-2006 at 02:16:22
this song the singer is a malaysian so if u want to buy his album it is available just in malaysia (west malaysia)
bs6 said on 20-09-2006 at 29:04:54
TQ more please !
uluulupig said on 02-10-2007 at 23:14:26
the song is good but the singer have a "zhu tao" !
digitalsmoker said on 11-05-2008 at 58:15:57
where can i get the mp3 for this?
David En said on 11-12-2007 at 23:12:44
good song
frontalwind said on 27-10-2006 at 17:03:53
Where can I find this song?
7 Seas said on 22-08-2006 at 54:11:46
i love this song!!!
KIrat Rai said on 18-07-2007 at 26:02:34
Can someone out there put the lyrics in Hanyu Pinyin ? Thanks
tonyhohh said on 27-07-2007 at 17:18:46
good meaning
WSO007 said on 20-03-2008 at 18:09:27
Song of Brotherhood Very good
Dean3099 said on 22-07-2006 at 40:13:31
good brother!
limyangyang said on 07-04-2013 at 30:05:51
is this an original song sung and composed by this Malaysian singers
matt ng said on 19-12-2010 at 20:05:18
nice song any techno version ?
gentlebronx said on 13-10-2007 at 55:09:10
video is okey the song is superb meaningful promote friendship congrats 'tung hiung'
WSO007 said on 25-02-2008 at 09:15:38
AWESOME SONG! A Song that promotes strong ties of Brotherhood & Friendship
limkokaun said on 24-01-2007 at 06:07:22
I like this song very much brother
tca27 said on 19-03-2008 at 41:07:48
yea wat a good song thnx but if u got more of such plzoh plz upload it thnx a zillion !!
Tan See said on 20-04-2008 at 26:09:47
very nice song love it so much thanks
arluel872000 said on 08-11-2006 at 04:16:09
if u want more of this song u can buy the singer album which only malaysia have (west malaysia) =D
white86 said on 19-01-2007 at 25:16:33
the person who sing this song is what name?
Ng teck lee said on 24-10-2006 at 41:14:34
yes HO HIA DI!
KIrat Rai said on 11-02-2008 at 16:23:32
Once againIwould like to request for lrics in hanyu pinyin of this song
matt ng said on 19-12-2010 at 21:05:44
great song brother any techno version
Dumbolized said on 26-04-2007 at 48:19:41
dane55 said on 17-01-2007 at 44:07:38
i love tis song very much good brother!!!

Video: hokkien

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