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Wave Blaze said on 02-09-2013 at 57:01:02
ED E said on 28-07-2013 at 10:17:54
histoire touchante j'aime
boumediene lakhdari said on 25-09-2013 at 02:17:37
merci pour le film peut t'on me dire ou trouver new jack city svp
Imani Barbie said on 19-08-2013 at 52:06:28
illiterate?I'm actually one of the most well spoken&properly educated people out there I've always made Honor Roll just graduated high school with High Honors&I'm enrolling at a four year University&plan on getting a double master's degree I live in&grew up in a prestigious predominately White neighborhood with great schooling in which prepared me for my future success that I strive to receive So again illiterate will never fit my description I'm actually quite the opposite and I'm only 18
samcg17 said on 14-10-2013 at 47:04:36
Summer Madness by Kool and the Gang
Hot 1000 Forever said on 27-09-2013 at 26:00:05
its just not so gangsterish in french
Chay ma said on 26-09-2013 at 55:22:20
called * Culture
SuperBrianMak said on 05-08-2013 at 41:19:30
I can't believe they have French subtitles for this! LMBAO!
bugs bunny said on 08-10-2013 at 35:18:17
Where can I find Turkish language version of this film ?
Al Meard said on 05-11-2013 at 33:13:02
You Can Make More On 42 nd Street
AlgerienneAtha said on 08-10-2013 at 58:06:35
trop biennnnn
sGkMonkey said on 24-09-2013 at 15:08:59
Pourquoi tu dis merci ça t'avance a quoi lol
Fvshion Killv said on 18-07-2013 at 57:14:45
learn french dumbasses
Morgan Tilong said on 18-07-2013 at 05:03:43
French Je like
DAMIEN TRENDKILL said on 26-10-2013 at 20:08:20
What the fuck is this??? English version please!!!
Asia Johnson said on 14-07-2013 at 36:09:31
I just Muted it and Pretended everything was in English :Good movie :)
obina wilson said on 07-10-2013 at 08:04:34
ohhh g i wanted to watch this movie stewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Sybelle Benedict said on 20-10-2013 at 35:09:01
my favorite movie
Md. Kamruzzaman said on 03-11-2013 at 40:15:11
My ugly friend was able to make the most incredible stripper there is in my town fall for him because he used the Cupid Love System (Google it) It’s bad but I wish I became joyful for him but I want such a beautiful young lady to fall in love with me I am extremely envious Does that make me a lousy human being?
soulcalibur22 said on 08-08-2013 at 29:22:03
somos asi? LOL
CurlyManOfTheSun said on 27-09-2013 at 00:22:30
Damn! why dont you write that it's in french?
joe legrand said on 01-08-2013 at 24:21:00
intéressante histoire
Jean Zoe said on 26-09-2013 at 02:05:45
its just a good movie
danfred altalie paul said on 05-09-2013 at 17:04:27
Janice Fronimakis said on 13-10-2013 at 17:18:17
comee ooooon whats the fucking song on 14:00 ??? nobody knows it or what

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