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Sana Mustafa said on 13-11-2013 at 05:02:19
pleeeeease make more episodes of my family is screwed up
Mel166 said on 26-01-2011 at 25:02:15
Haha I wonder if this is how my mum takes out her frustration with me by making a doll that looks like me and having puppet shows lool
ThePooeater2 said on 11-07-2011 at 20:05:36
he's supposed to be fixing the drains when he's in the oven
Nadia Garza said on 29-12-2011 at 48:20:09
haha at first i feel bad 4 the mama
mediumponysrule said on 14-05-2011 at 39:06:22
@TheCryptidman lol
UndercoverTurret said on 08-11-2012 at 30:07:18
Well thats to bad
Fishoverwater Torres II said on 09-06-2011 at 29:04:30
whoops i dropped my hankercheif phil hheheheeeheee
Starlight XO said on 19-01-2011 at 30:13:42
"I might need a shot of whiskey before this " haha best part!
martha ratcliffe said on 23-02-2011 at 32:22:44
he has big strong hands and their always dirty ahamm
daniela landshark said on 03-09-2011 at 59:15:28
It is kelly
Nikki Coleman said on 09-10-2013 at 40:20:58
Hell i need a shot of whiskey right about now
LoLa9951 said on 17-12-2011 at 29:15:28
I love when the granny comes and says : Wacha doin'?
tgproductions97 said on 28-05-2012 at 52:18:19
i love mother grandma
lovexinfinity8 said on 19-07-2012 at 41:18:29
mother grandma is my favorite
AWSOMEPOSSUM16 said on 18-05-2011 at 05:22:00
if your 3 your bearly legal for Pedobear
thecomputernerd444 said on 05-03-2011 at 20:03:19
Have a shot of whisky hunny makes ya feel better!
lovexinfinity8 said on 06-10-2012 at 48:06:37
Mother Grandma is so amazing she's always drinking whiskey
Anonymous Guy said on 20-04-2011 at 52:18:43
@HappyFluffyUnicorn Laughing My F••king Ass Off
Alice Blackwell said on 13-06-2011 at 30:19:41
Whens the next episode of My Family is Screwed up?
Linda Valdez said on 30-07-2013 at 27:23:19
Jgomez1996 said on 18-03-2012 at 33:06:18
Kelly The Bear :D
Clinton0707 said on 25-05-2011 at 51:23:19
who's the woman that plays the mom? she's so funny
bphussar said on 06-02-2011 at 33:02:25
lmfaoooo Oh my god I miss these videos It's been over three years
BrokenMegaMan said on 04-03-2012 at 08:07:11
lol that impression of kelly was epic XD
Oskar Stine said on 16-02-2012 at 30:06:55
Bad bear based on Kelly lol

Video: Bearly Legal

  • Author: LiamKyleSullivan
  • Description: Mother Grandma looks on as Kelly's mom puts on a puppet show with slutty "bearly legal" dolls. http://liamshow.com an episode of "My Family is Screwed Up" by Kelly featuring Pam Cook and Liam Sullivan learn more about Pam at http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1377409/
  • Duration: 02:20
  • Date: 01-07-2008
  • Rated: 4.76
  • Played: 1164696
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