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chris mescudi said on 04-11-2014 at 06:07:20
It's so chaotic !
jeffleonard23 said on 03-07-2014 at 47:05:24
I love the way Arnold say "Hello EEEE!" at the beginning 
MLFreese said on 11-11-2014 at 16:03:52
EEaalll! Heeaall!
The Aesalon said on 18-08-2014 at 03:17:13
I so want this movie to be real!!
Abdul Kandil said on 28-10-2014 at 05:05:37
2:14 Arnold 1: "You're the real me " Arnold 2: "I'm not me I'm you " Arnold 1: "But I'm you!" Arnold 2: "No you're me!" I don't know if Mad TV intended it to be that way but they're arguing with each other when in reality they both are really saying the same thing 
sumit dalal said on 04-05-2014 at 09:08:48
Why there is no movie called Stolen Identity?
Rámí Al-Omari said on 04-06-2014 at 39:18:10
RisingVictor said on 25-05-2014 at 47:03:23
If one Arnold wasn't enough! Lofl
Rámí Al-Omari said on 04-06-2014 at 54:16:38
SacTownSharksFan said on 18-05-2014 at 29:10:26
LOL 1:10
MrNotorius5500 said on 04-02-2014 at 29:18:38
Luis Gonzales said on 18-04-2014 at 45:07:18
max xcab said on 05-03-2014 at 42:18:24
Ashley Flashy said on 04-03-2014 at 16:06:25
this is like a sterotype of just Arnold!!! HAHAHA but its hilarious!!!
bryan adams said on 26-02-2014 at 48:03:56
Edwin Laboy said on 22-02-2014 at 19:19:10
Best hyperbolic impression ever!
Ahmad AL-SADIQ said on 10-02-2014 at 41:09:19
The origin is The Terminator Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Michael Nicholls said on 22-01-2014 at 58:19:35
Hello EEEEE!
MrTamendez said on 21-01-2014 at 55:02:31
Best shit ever
Levitz9 said on 16-11-2013 at 56:16:59
The clone baby looks like Christopher Walken 
myfavoritescenes said on 08-11-2013 at 33:15:34
When I was a kid I actually tought there was a movie called Stolen Identity 3 :)
marchrabbit85 said on 13-11-2013 at 11:18:01
If i'm wasn't so drunk i never undersood this episode
188metalhead881 said on 27-08-2011 at 07:11:29
Clone baby
D4LETTERJ4Y said on 29-08-2013 at 46:14:31
I wiki'ed it too!
Daniel Phingston said on 26-05-2012 at 36:09:02
im not me :P

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