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watcherr100 said on 04-10-2012 at 18:09:01
sexy :)
Fonzie X said on 05-12-2011 at 44:03:11
She is pretty
saeeds261 said on 21-02-2011 at 31:00:03
Fonzie X said on 17-03-2012 at 27:14:54
The Armpits Lover said on 25-06-2010 at 22:15:34
Damn!! She's got such sexy hairy armpits!! Asian women have the best armpits I guess!!
Albuquerque2812 said on 16-06-2010 at 36:09:16
@Albuquerque2812 I wish that she had two slices of pizza and two hairy armpitts and beyond
Fonzie X said on 17-12-2011 at 20:02:26
Who is she?
Fonzie X said on 31-03-2012 at 00:16:46
My idea of heaven would be sniffing her armpits
SanchoTalarga said on 16-03-2012 at 08:20:20
Albuquerque2812 said on 16-06-2010 at 56:09:13
There shluld be a web site wher all nude asian women could go to enjoy a pizza party and sniff som arm pitts without people gocking at them Asian armpitt snitters are people too>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Albuquerque2812 said on 16-06-2010 at 43:09:27
qqwwee232 said on 10-12-2011 at 21:20:05
Asian women are characterized by exciting the smell of armpit sex If you do not lick the armpit hair of an Asian you do not know the meaning of sex
Fonzie X said on 01-12-2011 at 48:05:51
Albuquerque2812 said on 16-06-2010 at 26:09:06
This filthy pizza chewing arm pit sniffing animal is some disgusting shit Definately a must see
craig roark said on 19-11-2010 at 20:07:17
I would fuck her brains out! I love sexy gals with hairy armpits filthy or not here I come Who is that gal ? I'd love to have a hook up with her
loverarmpitf said on 28-07-2011 at 47:17:54
not Filthy she very very beautiful lady very sweet very attractive very i hope you mine
Jules Jublin said on 22-11-2011 at 49:12:28
nice girl stupid boys voice
alberto8juan said on 21-11-2010 at 33:23:26
picark please refrain from typing things so filthy about my sister
tacticusunum said on 13-07-2011 at 47:20:09
how can she be filthy her armpit hair is beautiful the guys filming are jerks for harassing that pretty lady
wildsanity said on 20-11-2011 at 01:00:56
I think she's hot! I'd go out with her in a second maybe she'd let me sniff
Albuquerque2812 said on 16-06-2010 at 42:09:38
Filthy Filthy Filthy Filthy Filthy Filthy Filthy Filthy Filthy filthy WAGON
loverarmpitf said on 28-07-2011 at 12:18:23
im sure your armpit smell musky or like delicious
Benjamin Parkinson said on 05-02-2013 at 26:04:09

Video: Armpit Sniffer

  • Author: Albuquerque2812
  • Description: Armpits and Pizza in Las Vegas
  • Duration: 00:39
  • Date: 11-06-2010
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