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Leon Belgrave said on 15-05-2014 at 20:18:52
David do u still have this setup
Chris Ali said on 27-06-2014 at 00:06:13
Very nice but overpopulated
Leon Belgrave said on 15-05-2014 at 20:18:50
David do u still have this setup
Richard Farron said on 25-02-2014 at 05:15:13
Exceptional creative & breathtaking a true piece of inspiration at its best surely natures art congratulations 
anemone171 said on 27-04-2013 at 51:03:37
no the largest private reef aquarium owned in the uk is a guy who once worked in this shop left thereabout 4 years ago his aquarium is bigger than david s one
1Carpious said on 24-05-2012 at 35:22:57
Amazing something I will aspire to one day : ) [*Claps hands]
jacklad99 said on 03-06-2012 at 57:01:13
Tony do you a fav fish from that tank mine would have to be the tri colour tang (yellow+black) where does he get his fish from these are exceptional
klikak said on 10-04-2012 at 00:02:42
how much does a aquarium like this one cost? included the fish
Earl Harman said on 11-10-2012 at 35:10:00
Very beautiful
Luis Suarez said on 24-03-2012 at 09:17:36
The tank is so amazing that its only available in 240p and has a soundtrack that just gets creepier and more depressing as the minutes go by I love it!
jkreilly100 said on 23-05-2012 at 25:11:27
The best tank in the world better than Hastings aquarium 👍
TheHypercasual said on 11-06-2013 at 14:09:29
a "like" just for musical selection (erik satie) good tank btw
TonyatDD said on 02-09-2012 at 03:01:30
Hi You do realise that the water capacity for this system is around 16 000 Litres? When they are being fed the fish swim to one end of the aquarium making that end look busy This is one of the largest private marine reef aquariums in the U K In 2009 the the tank was restructured and the fish were biased towards smaller coral head dwelling fishes anyway The glass tank has been renewed this year and the dimensions even bigger now
TonyatDD said on 22-10-2012 at 47:13:37
Hiya That is pulsing Xenia soft coral
TonyatDD said on 07-06-2012 at 57:15:00
hi Can you give me the time in the video where they appear and ill do my best to I D
rwrajitha said on 31-08-2012 at 18:18:48
wow he has a mandarin fish!
Ian Young said on 18-04-2012 at 23:01:16
I love this i would love to do a review on my blog fishnochips co uk I think its what i am going for next :) looks like a 5 year or more project
Saltwater Tank said on 10-06-2013 at 15:12:56
Just started and inspired by this beautiful tank however attempting to create a nano version
TonyatDD said on 24-07-2012 at 16:18:49
i think your looking at a Ti color tang?
kennygater said on 20-01-2013 at 57:14:27
brad miller said on 07-08-2012 at 23:05:58
i dont understand why anybody wouldnt like this video people are dumb great tank :)
brownp70 said on 17-11-2012 at 30:08:58
Beautiful tank! Those multicolored yellow tangs are awesome!
TonyatDD said on 27-03-2012 at 44:00:11
Due to Davids feeding regimes sponges and filter feeders always do well in this system
brad scott said on 05-12-2012 at 16:09:20
how could someone dislike such artistic and creative collision (I think)
Scuttlebutt89 said on 05-05-2012 at 55:03:01
Oh my goooosh that's so cool I had no idea there where triggers like that! Thanks for the response

Video: Aquariums - David Saxby's Reef Aquarium (extended version)

  • Author: stuart bertram
  • Description: A 9 minute version of the video of David Saxby's Reef Aquarium. This is regarded as one of the best private marine aquariums in the world. There is a higher resolution version available on our web site. For full specification details on this aquarium visit http://www.theaquariumsolution.com/files/Technical%20review%20of%20David%20Saxbys%20system2.pdf see the excellent write up on the Ultimate Reef forum http://www.ultimatereef.com/TOTM/2007_jan/ Stuart
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