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sandy davidson said on 10-08-2014 at 56:21:44
If you notice it's always white people in these videos letting the dogs fuck them These dogs lick and fuck them everyday that's why they are doing what they're doing when the camera rolls Nasty ass sick people
RHYMES4DAYS said on 16-08-2014 at 45:13:31
what was shocking was the Hatsune Miku remix playing in the background 
Sam Saluni said on 23-08-2014 at 32:22:06
Hollie Goodworth said on 31-08-2014 at 03:13:00
I wanna get fucked by a animal
Dunnetty said on 27-10-2014 at 41:01:26
this is why cats are smarter than dogs
Tatyana Gordon said on 06-07-2014 at 31:08:06
how did i get here
Elizabeth Gonzalez said on 16-10-2014 at 03:04:32
These people are all sick in the head if them animals are doing that to them! Something is very wrong with this video 
paul mark said on 10-10-2014 at 49:16:13
I searched for The Beauty Of Nature then ended up into this 
pro jin said on 27-09-2014 at 37:17:08
no one can blame these animals they saw their chance and took it no harm there well except their pride
Fart Burgers said on 11-07-2014 at 58:13:27
WTF did i just watched? 
wisea sserpent said on 19-09-2014 at 05:13:11
dog is disgusting
emanuel pruet said on 11-09-2014 at 01:01:22
ha sandy go to africa go see what real fucking diseased humans are ya turtle fucker wherever you people go you just gonna fuck it up get off the crack and wellfare you fucking dousch bag
Monita Keju said on 01-09-2014 at 32:10:40
Im really disguss about animal
Saravanan M said on 31-10-2014 at 28:06:49
ஒரு மாணவன் தனது தேர்வு ஒன்றில் முட்டை மதிப்பெண் கிடைத்ததால் பெரும் அதிர்ச்சி ஆனான் காரணம் அவன் எல்லா கேள்விகளுக்கும் சரியாக பதிலளித்திருப்ப தாகவே நம்பினான் ! ஆனபோதும் அவைகள் அனைத்தும் தவறு என அவனின் விடைத்தாளை திருத்தியவர் தெரிவித்தார் ! ஆனால் தான் சரியாகவே பதில்கள் எழுதியதாக அந்த மாணவன் தொடர்ந்து பள்ளி நிர்வாகத்திடம் வாதாடினான் ! சரி அப்படி என்ன தான் கேள்விகளுக்கு பதில் அளித்திருப்பான் ? என பார்ப்போம் ! கேள்வி; எந்த போரில் திப்பு சுல்தான் உயிரிழந்தார் ? பதில்; அவரது கடைச
FlashPvP said on 15-08-2014 at 49:11:32
Jesus im on that side of youtube again and why are the shows I like in related
vincent villafana said on 24-10-2014 at 02:04:07
Lara Kein said on 26-10-2014 at 06:23:11
Whhhhaaaatttttt dddiiiiidddd iiiii jjjuuussstttt wwwaaatttccchhhh?????
Rylyn Repscher said on 16-07-2014 at 56:04:31
Huh i went to my friends house and her dog humped on me so he was on my leg
Perksofbeing_me said on 27-10-2014 at 36:04:38
Of course it's only white people except that little Asian girl she didn't know it was happening 
yousif ahmed said on 26-10-2014 at 00:20:03
eternal arctic wolf AJ said on 26-10-2014 at 03:02:54
Dis happens with my dog and horse stuffed animal DX
Harry Grundel said on 06-07-2014 at 24:20:33
1:07 he's loving it
James Pennington said on 08-10-2014 at 36:23:35
the last dude got raped by an animal 
Erin Tucker said on 15-10-2014 at 52:17:34
How did I get here from innocent videos 
MsKerryanne said on 17-10-2014 at 23:22:07
I think the most worrying one was the last one with his trousers down I mean he really looked up for it or why else was his trousers and pants down Lol

Video: Animals mating with humans for real - part 3

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