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shauki123 said on 02-03-2011 at 56:23:51
what a great artist and what a lovely voice!!!!! full of feelings
lovehumanity said on 27-10-2008 at 52:17:49
thanx :)
lovehumanity said on 27-10-2008 at 53:17:10
am glad u liked it :)
chwaqas said on 26-10-2008 at 32:04:58
her board de imtehaan baad aeho ie gana gaona san me :)
lovehumanity said on 27-10-2008 at 51:17:59
Tension not Tariq Bhai :) Main pehlay videos upload kar loon phir audio ki baari ayegi abhi aik do videos aur apnay paas se upload karon ga aik aik din kay waqfay se aur phir aapki send ki hui video aur audio ki baari insha Allah Bahut maal hay apnay paas A Nayyar ka :) dekhtay jaiay aap aesa song bhi ayega jo khud usay movie ka naam yaad nahi hoga :) and thanx for well wishing my Flu is taking long but am improving alhamdulillah aap sab ki dua se Thanx to All of You for it
allahrakhee said on 29-12-2008 at 44:19:41
ma fav singer
Kirit9745 said on 26-10-2008 at 08:14:47
i always liked A Nayyar this is very nice thanks
zurnain123 said on 05-11-2009 at 57:15:46
bhupidhillon said on 24-10-2008 at 17:21:01
Bahut Khoob! He has maintained the feelings and enriched it with his deep voice
Asim sahi said on 15-08-2013 at 22:02:38
Great natural talent
oceanbound222 said on 24-10-2008 at 04:23:11
fabulous !!!!!
lovehumanity said on 29-12-2008 at 18:20:52
yups n i'll upload more songs by himm just uploaded one from Salakhen u can also check his friend Tariq's channel where he has uploaded a few uncommon songs of A Nayyar his nick is lahore2vancouver
V. Siddhartha said on 24-10-2008 at 21:22:15
A lovely gift indeed to the listeners! AN is singing from the depth of his heart Very well done
lovehumanity said on 29-12-2008 at 50:19:34
aww i neva knew
lahore2vancouver said on 29-10-2008 at 43:00:07
Dr sahab kaya paghal karr diya hay main abhi 5 6 daffa sun chuka hun phir bhi dill nahin bharta waja yeh hay mere bharay bhai nay mujhay " CHUMANTER" mujhay 6 months ago paijhay thi toe i loved great Zarif s acting & this song was main song in movie when iwas kid 10 yrs old i saw this movie in EROS cinema ghawal madhi lahore where we used 2 live after partition b 4 moving 2 gulberg in 1962 A nayyar koe dosray singers kay ghanay ghanay chahiyae !
allahrakhee said on 29-12-2008 at 13:20:18
nao u no
shahanAWAN said on 01-12-2008 at 58:09:12
he is one of my most singer from pakistan many thanks Dr Sahib for this great upload also many thanks Tariq Bhai for this link
lahore2vancouver said on 29-10-2008 at 01:04:04
This is called 'Tibute " 2 seniors Not like "KInnay kinnay jhanay bhilo day karr " after that all public (New generation following that stupid singer ) AH new gen & copy cater of west i feel sorry what u had missed of Past Sorry " dhobi ka kutta na ghar ka na ghat ka" this saying fit 4 new gen soooooooo sad come this mod world & find out how they hate u r skin color!
lovehumanity said on 27-10-2008 at 52:17:18
welcome KBhai :)
lovehumanity said on 27-10-2008 at 52:17:36
haha sahi keh rahay ho :)
lovehumanity said on 27-10-2008 at 53:17:24
agreed :)
lahore2vancouver said on 27-10-2008 at 24:17:10
Dr iss anmol geet koe paish karnay ka boohat hi shukria Mera comp achanak kaam karna shura huwa hay ore main app say muhatab hun Mian thick kehta kay nahin kay A nayyar used to sing any Indo pak singers song not less than orignal many thanks Omid hay app ki health or flu rafo chakkar hoe ghaya hoe ghay toe plz joe ghanay main nay load karnay koe kahay hain on main "Tum joe mill gayay hoe" bhi paish karr dain AAmir 162 ki tarra na karna 3ghanay load karnay kay baed subb kha ghaya

Video: A.Nayyar Unplugged - Buray Naseeb Mere - Version Song

  • Author: lovehumanity
  • Description: A Precious Gift for A.Nayyar Lovers. Sung Originally by Zareef sahab in the movie with a great passion as A.Nayyar is telling before the song..but A.Nayyar too did not waste the song either..sung well. plz do listen to the original song also found somewhere on You Tube. This song is dedicated to A.Nayyar's and our friend Tariq sahab with love :) Regards Dr.Bukhari
  • Duration: 03:41
  • Date: 24-10-2008
  • Rated: 5
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